Using as software testing teams

What if we told you that you have the chance to sort your test cases in a whole new way, and you can now be as detailed and thorough as your project really needs? Exciting, right?'s Test module is fully equipped with all features necessary for all types of testing, uniting them in one common value: quality.

Intelligent integrations

Instead of challenging the giant to a fistfight, we build on connection and cooperation - Jira integration allows your team to work with Jira-based data in, and report test case results right back into Jira. It saves lots of clicking through windows and tabs, but it also saves money for additional Jira licenses.

Speaking of Jira, you can connect as many Jira projects to as you like, giving you the freedom to work with data from multiple suppliers / clients in one place.

Discover the simple way of testing under your Jira issues.

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