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Ever had the honor to work with a software or set of tests that didn't come with a full-fledged documentation? Or you had the documentation, but it was scattered all over cloud, personal storages and god-forbid physical papers just laying around? Let's say that's not going to be the case anymore.  

Docs module and more is a data-based software. It's built to hold all your notes, directions, comments, screenshots, videos and more.

Notes from meetings, briefs, candidate info, quick brainstorming scribbles, technical documentation of new features – you name it.

You can of course decide who can access which Docs space, and to what extend they can work with the content.

Mark it down

Each editable entity offers you a Markdown editor, allowing you to fully exploit the power of a text editor within your modules.

Aside from the usual text formatting options, you can add internal and external links, attach files such as images, videos or pdfs, create lists, insert quotes and lines of code or mark text importance.

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