Do you do testing as a service?

We price the quality of deliverables above all else, and if you do as well, you'll quickly learn to love just like we do.

Manage and sort test cases, analyze outcomes, make use of the various integrations and make your testing efforts easier and more efficient.

Choose the way you test

The outcome is common – top quality software, but the requirements for how a test should look like may differ across teams and companies. We've created a space that is customizable and adjusts to any testing requirements you may have. Simple or robust view on test steps lets you decide on the amount of detail.

You can also choose whether to work with test plans and test cases, or leave them out altogether. Use colors, labels, spaces, and start organizing your testing better.

Adjust to your testing style.

Intelligent integrations

We realize that we're not the biggest fish in the pond. Rather than making the bigger fish our rival, we befriended it while making sure that you as our user benefit from the friendship - that's why we've built features such as MultiJira integration, for managing data from several vendors / clients at once, or Zephyr / XRay migration, allowing you to work with your test cases in All that with top-notch security, no data saving at our end.

Discover the simple way of testing under your Jira issues.

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